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Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

Valeri Avagyan

President of the ,,Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan”

Dear reader

We would like to present the basic issues and prerequisite of the creation of the MC. Living in the 21st century which is equipped with scientific and technical achievements, giving a complete answer to many so far seemingly inexplicable questions and phenomenon, the innovations and achievements in the field of medicine are also undeniable, due to which many previously incurable diseases today are not only curable, but also preventable. However this is a field that constantly needs improvements and the latest achievements, because without health other spheres of life can’t be available to a person, the aspiration to create the new and the beauty will be missing. We can’t ignore the fact that the human development also reveals diseases characteristic to itself or over time many diseases, which have already remained in the past, rejuvenate, so I myself, being a doctor, a surgeon who passed through difficulties of years, seeing the newborn smile filled with life as well as human suffering, who appeared in the clutches of death, I considered it my duty to make my contribution to this mission by establishing a medical center equipped with modern medical equipments, where every working doctor is called to fight against all evil threats to health, giving health and healthy soul filled with life.


Your health is the appreciation of our work.