• (+374 10) 52 96 80, 060-27-00-03
  • 15 Moskovyan, Yereven, Republic of Armenia

Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

  • Karine Z. Gyulnazaryan

    Director of medical affairs

  • Aram M. Mkhitaryan

    Financial director

  • Ashot Tsovyan

    Chief technical officer (CTO)

  • Marianna Amirkhanyan

    Chief of staff

  • Varduhi V. Harutyunyan

    Head of staff (HR)

  • Tigran L. Sultanyan

    Head of the laser and vascular surgery clinic, doctor, professor of medical sciences, vascular surgeon
    Chief vascular surgeon of RA Ministry of Health

  • Ervand S. Harutyunyan

    Head of the laser and endoscopic urological clinic, doctor, professor of medical sciences, urologist. Academic of Russian Medical Science Academy (RMSA)

  • Gayane G. Grigoryan

    Hospital deputy general director,

  • Andreas H. Dekkers

    Head of the vertebrology clinic,

  • Enok S. Abrahamyan

    Head of the vertebrology department,
    orthopedist-vertebrologist, traumatologist

  • Lusine H. Bekirska-Tamazyan

    Head of the ocular eximer-laser microsurgery department,

  • Katarine H. Drampyan

    Head of the otolaryngology department, PHD,

  • Susanna R. Hovhannisyan

    Head of the laboratory diagnosis department ,

  • Anna S. Khachatryan

    Head of the cytological diagnosis department, doctor, professor of medical sciences,

  • Liana R. Hovhannisyan

    Head of the X-ray diagnosis department, rentgenologist
    MRI diagnosis specialist