• (+374 10) 52 96 80, 060-27-00-03
  • 15 Moskovyan, Yereven, Republic of Armenia

Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

Services in the center:
-free hospital medical help and service for military people, persons equal to them and their families’ members as well as for Rescue service officers and their families’ members;
-free hospital medical help and service guaranteed by the state within the health package of beneficiaries of social package;
- hospital medical help for socially disadvantaged persons and persons of special groups;
-free medical help and service guaranteed by the state for attached population (non hospital).

There are also cash and transfer payment options in the center.
"Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan" cooperates with all insurance companies in Armenia.
All prices of services are determined by price-list approved by administration.
The price list is posted in the reception and in all departments.

The patient’s rights:
-to get full information about his/her medical history;
-to get full information about treatment versions and related complications and risks.