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Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

The slogan of the clinic - quality and skill

Andreas H. Dekkers
Head of the spine surgery clinic,
spine surgeon, orthopedist
European Spine surgeons Association
N. American Spine surgeons Association
Doctor without borders (MSF)


First in Armenia in clinic have been invested and till now successfully performed endoscopic surgeries of intervertebral disk herniations of different sizes and levels and removal of spinal canal stenosis. Operations are performed without cut, by minimal invasive (non-invasive) version, so two hours after surgery the patient can already walk and in a short period of time do all daily activities.

In the orthopedic and traumatology departments different surgeries are performed such as:
  -correction of post-traumatic complications of extremities;
  -lengthening of extremities;
  -operations of musculo-ligamentar system;
  -conservative treatment of musculo-skeletal system

Our clinic also applies the contemporary method of  EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCK AND WAVE THERAPY, which is effective for the following diseases:


EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCK AND WAVE THERAPY is effective for the following diseases:
 -epicondylitis, stiloiditis, calcaneal spurs and plantar fasciitis
 -pain syndromes in a shoulder (including calcified tendinitis, bursits)
 -femur spit syndrome (for trochanter)
 -M. Tibialis syndrome
 -morton nueroma
 -dyupuitren's contracture (a palmar aponeurosis)
 -lower backpain
 -mio fascial trigger points
 -fibromyalgia induration of a tunica cover of a penis (Peyroni's disease)
 -post partum stria and post-operative rough scars
 -cellulites and etc.

Laser Spine Surgeon Department

The first and till now the only one in Armenia - the department of laser surgery performs laser surgeries of intervertebral disk herniations. 

The department successfully performs also minimal invasive surgeries in the spheres of orthopedics, traumatology and vertebrology, mainly removal of spine instability, metallic osteosynthesis, micromiofasciotomy - removal of infantile cerebral paralysis orthopedic consequences, conservative treatment of arthrosis, arthritis and osteoporosis with latest methods.  



Enok S. Abrahamyan
Head of the Spine surgeon department

Spine surgeon, orthopedist – traumatologist

member of European and Armenian Association of orthopedists and vertebrologists

Samvel H. Petrosyan
Spine surgeon, orthopedist – traumatologist
Specialist of extracorporeal shock -wave therapy

member of International and Armenian Association of orthopedists and traumatologists


Tel. (+374) 60 27 00 21 


(+374) 60 27 00 21