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Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

The slogan of the clinic- quality and skill.

Ervand S. Harutyunyan
Head of the "Laser and endoscopy urological clinic"
professor, urologist - oncologist PHD
Academic of Russian medical science academy (RMSA)

The first and only one in region – “Medical center after Vl. Avagyan” successfully performs  brachytherapy, which is a treatment of prostate cancer by placing radioactive isotopic wheats in gland.
-Urinary bladder cancer- transurethral laser resection of cancer;
-Prostate cancer- in the diagnostic stage-transrectal puncture biopsy of prostate under transrectal ultrasound control;
-Surgical treatment methods- radical prostatectomy, surgical castration;
-Renal cell carcinoma- laser resection of kidney and radical nephrectomy;
-Testicular cancer- high orchofuniculectomy, Shevasju operation;
-Penile cancer – laser partial penectomy, total penectomy;
-Male lower urinary tract symptoms (adenoma of prostate) - transurethral laser enucleation of prostate, laser incision of bladder neck;
-Urethral stricture- endoscopic laser incision. Plastic surgeries – end to end anastamosis, augmentation urethroplasty with buccal mucosa flap or foreskin flap;
-Male sexual dysfunction- conservative treatment, penile prosthesis insertion surgery. Penile lengthening;
-Male infertility- testicular biopsy in diagnostic stage, if necessary and also during obtaining sperm cells, drug treatment of inflammatory problems of seminal tract as well as of hormonal abnormalities, surgical treatment of varicocele (sclerotherapy);
-Urinary incontinence-operations by sling methods (placing a tape), surgical treatment of male and female urinary incontinence;
-Urolithiasis- in cases of upper urinary tract obstruction with stones and upper urinary tract inflammation –ureteral stenting and percutaneus nephrostomy, laser lithotripsy of kidney, ureteral and bladder stones (percutaneusnephrosto-lithotripsy, ureterorenoscopy);
-Long-range lithotripsy of ureteral stones by Dornier compact sigma equipment.

”SANWE” is a complex equipment of male health rehabilitation, which is used for the treatment of the following diseases:
• male infertility
• prostate inflammation
• chronic pelvic pain
• sexual weakness
The types of therapies:
• electroshock therapy
• vacuum therapy
• LOD-therapy (vacuum - hydromassage).


The clinic applies the latest methods of treatment and is equipped with all kind of equipments which are present in contemporary medicine.


Haykaz Y. Antonyan
Head of the laser and endoscopic urology department,
urologist, PHD
Member of European urological association
Tigran Y. Antonyan


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