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Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

Katarine H. Drambyan
Head of the otolaryngology department, PHD

member of European Association  of otolaryngology

The laser surgery method of otolaryngology, which has been invested in the "Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan", is the first and till now the only one in Armenia.

The department of otolaryngology is successfully performing :

- laser coagulation of nasal polyps and nostril in case of hypertrophic and allergic rhinitis;
- laser surgery of snoring
The department also performs:
- removal of palatal tonsils (tonsillectomy);
- removal of nasal adenoids (adenotomy);
- surgery of Para nasal cavities;
- removal of nasal polyps (polypotomia);
- correction of nasal septum (septoplasty);
- conservative treatment of diseases of nose, throat and ears
Surgeries are performed with local or general anesthesia.


Maria H. Babayan

member of European Association  of otolaryngology


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