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  • 15 Moskovyan, Yereven, Republic of Armenia

Our slogan is

"Not to add years to your life,

but to add healthy life to your years"

The exact diagnosis is the guarantee of the patients’ effective treatment. The medical center is equipped with modern diagnostic equipments.
All medical specialists have many years’ work and professional experience and they have been specialized and trained in leading clinics of Europe, America and Russia.


The center has the following diagnostic departments:
• MRI department
• X-ray diagnostic department
• Ultrasound diagnostic department
• Laboratory diagnostic department
• Cardiac ultrasound (Echocardiography)
• Doppler and duplex exam

There are clinical, immunological, biochemical, serological, bacteriological, histological laboratories in laboratory diagnostic department.
Ultrasound diagnostic department performs sonographic examinations of both general and large, small joints and also muscles system.


Astghik V. Avetiqyan 
Head of the MRI department, radiologist
Tel. (+374) 10 52-25-20
Liana R. Hovhannisyan
Head of the X-ray diagnosis department, rentgenologist
MRI diagnosis specialist
Tel: (+374) 10 52-49-51
 Margarita H. Batoyan
Tel (+374) 10 52-49-51
 Narine Y. Rapyan
Duplex exam specialist, radiologist
Tel. (+374) 10 54-87-32
Astghik V. Avetiqyan
Duplex exam specialist, MRI diagnosis specialist, radiologist
Tel: (+374) 10 54-87-32
 Irina N. Khachaturyan
Cardiologist, cardiac ultrasound exam specialist (Echocardiography)
Tel. (+374) 10 52-98-24

 Susanna R. Hovhannisyan
Head of the laboratory diagnosis department, biochemist
Tel. (+374) 10 52-96-72

(+374) 60 27-00-15

 Anna S. Khachatryan
Head of the histology diagnosis department professor of medical sciences, morphologist
Hovsep J. Revazyan
Հեռ: (+374) 10 52-02-21
 Eva H. Revazyan
Tel. (+374) 10 52-02-21